Application for Admission to Northwest (English)

Welcome! You have been sent the link to this page because you have been cleared to proceed with your application to one of Northwest’s Programs.

There are several parts of this form that require longer written responses. There may also be some files you will be requested to upload to the form (such as your digital photo) and other necessary documents. We recommend that you preview the whole form before starting to complete it, and take note of the longer sections so you can prepare written answers ahead of time and copy/paste them into the appropriate fields. It would also be good to have the digital files close at hand where you can just drag and drop them onto the fields as required.

Please make sure you fill out every box accurately and completely.

Please enter the Northwest Application Form password that was supplied to you...


Northwest has three CBTE application intakes each year.  Each intake has its own application deadline date. They are:

  • 3rd Friday of November for the January 1 intake (opens the third Monday after Sept 1st.)
  • 3rd Friday of March - for the May 1 intake (opens the third Monday after Jan 1st.)
  • 3rd Friday of July for the September 1 intake (opens the third Monday after May 1st.)

The application deadline for the current application intake has passed. This form has been de-activated.  The application form will be re-activated approximately 2 months prior to the next application intake date.