Administrative and Governing Environment

Administrative and Governing Environment

Best Practices for Church Boards is a series of workshops for church board members, both individually and collectively. We strongly believe that Church Board members are individuals gifted by God to lead their congregation with wisdom, discernment and integrity. They are instrumental in setting the vision, mission and core values of a congregation. Hence, it is imperative that these men and women of God be given the training to equip and empower them into becoming the best board, and board member, they can be.

Each workshop is detailed on this website, but here’s a quick overview:

Best Practices: BASIC WORKSHOPS – This one-day workshop is for the church board and senior pastoral staff. Its purpose is to give clarity as to the function of the church board, offer practical ideas for effective function of the board, and provide concentrated time seeking solutions to key issues critical to the health and development of the board and church.

Best Practices: BOOT CAMP – Church Boards Boot Camp is a three day intensive for board members, pastors, and seminary students, designed to provide a reasoned and biblical perspective on Church Board Governance through one’s personal involvement in leadership. Elevate your understanding and practice of the sacred trust embodied in the dynamics of congregational health, community formation, mission fulfillment, and administrative integrity.

Best Practices: PERSONAL EDITION DVD and WORKBOOK – This is a 5-part DVD and workbook geared to the individual board member. It emphasizes the spiritual responsibility entrusted to the board member and is an excellent resource for all new and currently serving board members.

Best Practices: LEADERSHIP CULTURE CHURCH – This one-day workshop seeks to give a blueprint on how to create a culture within the church for leaders to be developed, trained and empowered from the ground up.

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