Best Practices: Basic Workshops

Best Practices for Church Boards:

Basic Workshop

Your Church Board is filled with godly and gifted individuals seeking the betterment of your congregation and the furtherance of the Gospel. Providing them training and instruction can improve the health and function of their work. The Best Practices Basic Workshop seeks to do exactly that.



  1. Clarify board function
  2. Increase board effectiveness
  3. Develop and improve board and church health
  4. Concentrated time seeking solutions to key issues critical to your church


Services Rendered

  1. Best Practices for Church Boards Online Survey, completed by all board members prior to the workshop. This survey measures board health in 5 areas. Results presented during Working Session 2.
  2. Facilitator provided to assimilate material and guide discussion.
  3. One day workshop from 9 am – 4:30 pm consisting of:

    a)  Three Plenary Sessions:

  • What’s a Church Board to BE? Understand your boards’ unique dynamics and context
  • What’s a Church Board to DO? Ministry leadership, administration, and governance
  • How’s a Board to Do It? Specific practices that make a positive difference

    b)  Two Working Sessions held privately with a facilitator.

  • Session 1: Dynamics of church leadership structure
  • Session 2: Review of Survey Results and guided discussion in seeking a solution to a key issue critical to the church.

 c)  Workshop booklet containing the plenary session presentations, survey results, and additional materials.

 d)  Lunch and coffee breaks

4. Summary report from an experienced facilitator.


Registration Benchmarks

  1. The entire Church Board must agree to attend (or as many as possible).
  2. The Senior Pastor must agree to attend and complete the online survey.
  3. All board members, including those who cannot attend, must complete an online survey prior to the workshop. Survey measures board health.
  4. Names and email addresses of all participants must be provided.



Comments from 2011 Participants:

“Leadership is a constant pressure and this type of program helps us to keep growing and maturing.”

“The board becomes better when they have a clear framework that it biblical, flexible and ultimately missional … we exceeded our goals through this workshop.”

“Intelligent conversation.”

“It’s good to have objective voices steering us to the big issues as we talk.”


Attended Previously?

The Basic Workshop was given an overhaul in Fall 2009, and is constantly being updated. Whether you’ve attended in the past or not, you will find the information current and extremely helpful. As well, the workshops provide an excellent opportunity to orient new Board members, refresh your understanding of governance practice, and address new issues facing church governance together.


Date and Time

All workshops run on a Saturday from 9am – 4:30pm and include lunch.

If you are interested in booking a workshop please contact Dr. Lyle Schrag.



Workshop cost is dependent on the number of participants.

  • Base Cost: $400, includes all presentations, facilitator and presenter honorariums, and materials, snacks and lunch for 6 participants.
  • Additional Participant Costs: $25 per participant, includes materials, snacks and lunch per person.

Use the following equation to calculate costs:

$400 + (     # of participants      x $25) = $ ________


Important Note on Facilitators

The Working Sessions are led by a facilitator. From our experience it is best if the facilitator is from within your denomination and familiar with your church, as this works to strengthen the relationship your church has within its denomination.

This workshop has trained facilitators from within the Fellowship Baptist and North American Baptist denominations. If you are from another denomination we will assist you in finding and training an effective facilitator from within your denomination to work with your board.

Honorariums for the facilitator are paid to the facilitator by Northwest Baptist Seminary out of your base cost registration fees.



Please direct your questions to Dr. Lyle Schrag, or to Nikki Lanigan at 604-888-7592.

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