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One-Day Workshop

The Leadership Culture Church: What are the marks of a Leadership Culture Church? How does a congregation design a blueprint for developing leaders from the ground up?

“The Local Church is by design the most effective incubator of spiritual leaders on the planet…” (The Leadership Baton). While many see the need to anchor the training for future leaders in ministry in the local church, many churches still struggle to find a model to make it work. A one-day workshop has been developed to address a Biblical strategy that will help every church influence the growth and maturity of their people as far as God leads. This workshop helps congregational leaders find the tools to grow other leaders in the local church … and beyond.

Adapted from the Pursuing God’s Heart Retreat (May 6, 2006), this one-day working event is intended to help church leaders plot effective strategies for a leadership development ministry. Two plenary sessions present proven Biblical principles that local churches currently employ to elevate the quality of their lay leaders. The sessions are:

  • The Model of Leadership Development
  • The Plan for Leadership Development

Each teaching moment is followed by a working session for the church teams and a reporting session that helps stimulate a network for leadership support.

What: One-day workshop

How: Contact Dr. Lyle Schrag at the Fellowship Centre for Leadership Development to schedule this event with your church: 604-888-7592 or use the form below.

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