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Now That I’m a Church Board Member

Serving on a church board is a critical spiritual ministry, yet many receive no training in their role.

Best Practices for Church Boards has created a DVD and workbook, called “PERSONAL EDITION: Now That I’m a Church Board Member,” for new or prospective church board members. This resource focuses on the preparation of individuals to join the board with a greater degree of understanding through teaching vital lessons required for ministry excellence.

As a unique training tool, “Now That I’m A Church Board Member” combines a visual presentation with a working notebook to provide an effective, interactive orientation for church board members. A DVD presentation separated into 5 chapters of study cover the topics:

  • Now That I’m a Church Board Member
  • What does a Church Board Do?
  • Getting Ready to Begin
  • Maintaining the Pace
  • Finding Your Voice

Each chapter includes teaching, discussion questions, and helpful assignments to equip a church board member to improve their service.

The workbook can be used in a number of settings from a self-study to a group-study. It can be used as an orientation for new church board members or as a course to refresh the training of an existing board. However it is used, “Now that I’m a Church Board Member,” introduces the skills and knowledge that empower board members to serve with excellence.

We believe that this workbook and training DVD can be a significant help for your church leadership team. Please call Northwest Baptist Seminary: 604-888-7592 for further details and order information.

Product Details

PERSONAL EDITION: Now That I’m a Church Board Member, a workbook for new or prospective church board members, by Dr. Larry Perkins and Dr. Lyle Schrag
Workbook: 51 pages – on the CD*
DVD: self-playing, 5 chapters*
Price: $30 (includes GST, shipping and handling)

*The manual and DVD represent the property of the Fellowship Centre for Leadership Development with all rights reserved. No part of the DVD may be reproduced without the prior permission of the publisher. Multiple copies of the manual can be duplicated for training purposes, not to exceed one copy per student.

NOTE: The Personal Edition is not to be confused with the Basic Workshops of Best Practices for Church Boards. The Personal Edition is intended to orient and equip individuals for their role on the church board. The Basic Workshops are intended to train the church board as a whole around their shared responsibilities.

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