Intercultural Relationships and the Local Church

Assisting Local Churches towards effectiveness in Canada’s multicultural environment

Northwest Baptist Seminary and Fellowship International Ministries have a goal of providing quality support and resources to our FEBBC/Y churches in the area of cross-cultural ministry and intercultural relationships.

Download the Making a Cross-Cultural Impact church track brochure which outlines ways we can help churches fulfill their missional agenda in our multi-ethnic society.

Download the Making a Cross-Cultural Impact individual track brochure for an individual approach to developing skills in cross-cultural ministry. This page describes several opportunities from entry level experiences through to a degree program.

Click on the following links to explore the ways FEBI and Northwest are available to enhance your church’s ministry in our multicultural environment.

Workshops, Seminars and Interactive Programs:

  • Nurturing Intercultural Health in the Church:
    • Part 1: Understanding Cultural Dynamics
    • Part 2: Discovering your own cultural orientation
  • Principles for effective Cross-Cultural outreach
  • Setting an Intercultural Agenda for your Church
  • Develop a Portfolio of Cross-Cultural Experiences with a small group from your church.
  • Putting Missional in your church’s vision: Thinking like a missionary in Canada

Key Resources designed to help churches become effective in Canada’s cultural mosaic.

In contrast to the program oriented, expert dependent approach to evangelism, consider the grass-roots evangelism process, Significant Conversations, which provides support for people as they engage in significant spiritual conversations.