Resources and Seminars

The following are helpful resources to facilitate your church’s involvement in missions.

Interactive world maps
Develop a practical perspective on regions of the world from a missions perspective.

Impact for eternity Bible Study
Simple but effective introduction to God’s mission to the world.

Activities for families
Free downloadable activities for children to learn about and pray for God’s mission around the world.

Brigada missions resources
For churches and missionaries who want to do missions better.

Videos to challenge and teach
Learn about unreached people groups.

Joshua Project: downloadable resources for missions
Maps, people groups, presentations, powerpoints.

Videos that mobilize for missions

Learn about Unreached People Groups
Pray for an unreached people group each day. Set this as your home page, use it on your Facebook page, as a daily email, on a blog or other website – instructions are given.

Access missions resources from David Mays: Missions Trip Stuff (help for STM Trips), Missions Stuff (comprehensive help for doing missions in your church). Contact Mark Naylor for more information.

Torn between his desire to please his family and his belief in Christ, a Fulani youth has to make a choice. Does he understand the impact it will have on his relationships, his community, his future? Will he be able to hold on while others try to make him let go? Based on a true story,
Mamane’s Journey” gives a first-hand perspective on the value of Christian missions today.

Momentum magazine’s State of the Gospel pdf and powerpoint (available for download at Operation World) provide an eye-opening perspective of how the Gospel has spread in the last few decades as well as the current world situation from a missions perspective.

DualReach has an excellent website with a goal of helping churches become strategic in their desire to impact the world.  It is well worth it to sign up for the Synergy newsletter which gives examples of innovative ideas from churches passionate about missions.  One resource focuses on getting church leaders involved in the missions effort.

For the church that wants the raise the bar with respect to its relationship with mission agencies and play a stronger role in the oversight of their missionaries, Catalyst services provides excellent articles through its Interchange Postings.

There is a free short term missions directory at  The directory lists over 500 short-term mission trips and another 1,300 Christian volunteer opportunities.

Global Connections provides a number of resources to help missions committees keep people informed about missions. Especially helpful are the prayer resources. Global Connections provides

  • Resources: GO Connect provides links to mission resources, tools, ministries, classes, articles etc.
  • Training: Find local, regional and national conferences, seminars, classes, consultants and coaches.
  • Opportunities: Opportunity databases and service ministries.
  • News, Mags, and Blogs: a listing of North America’s top mission magazines, ezines, blogs and podcasts.
  • Daily Connections: GO Connect scours the web for a great variety of mission-related information and inspiration

The following are additional seminars that are available to stimulate your church in their involvement in missions.  Contact Mark Naylor for details via the form below.

General Missions:

  • Best Practices for Short Term Missions
  • Crucial Issues in Missions Today
  • Missions: The Story of His Glory God is a Missionary God
  • Introduction to MissionsMosque

Bible Translation:

  • How is the Bible translated? An introduction to Bible translation principles
  • Why a variety of versions?

Other Religions:

  • The Church in a Muslim Context
  • Folk Islam and spirituality
  • Christians in an Islamic world: A Clash of Cultures
  • Overview of Islam
  • Engaging Muslims
  • A Perspective on Sikhs


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