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Contact Mark Naylor using the form below for further information. All workshops, seminars and interactive programs are available to our FEBBC/Y churches on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland upon request and dependent upon Mark’s schedule. There is no fee attached to these programs, although there may be some incidental costs.

Intercultural Dynamics in the Church

How is effective church leadership developed in a multi-ethnic context? How can cultural tensions in the church be resolved? What are the dynamics of a multi-ethnic church? What are  effective models for multi-ethnic churches?

Based on this article and a case study of a successful intercultural church in our Fellowship, a seminar has been prepared to consider how a church can be intentional about becoming sensitive to intercultural issues. While not promoting one model over another, the seminar points out that the cultural tensions and issues facing all multi-ethnic churches are highlighted in this model and provides explanation and analysis of how these issues were overcome to provide healthy multicultural leadership within a congregation that reflects the surrounding community.

Resolving Intercultural Conflicts

power-distanceGleaned from the experiences of a number of practitioners and the study of intercultural church settings, this workshop on the problem of power distance explores methods of overcoming tensions that can prevent a multi-ethnic church from becoming all that God intends. Read Cross-Cultural Impact articles: LeadershipMutual Invitation and Language of Respect 

Nurturing Intercultural Health in the Church


This workshop introduces the dynamics of intercultural relationships and provides direction to deal effectively with the inevitable tensions. This is a good first step for both churches that are seeking ways to deepen intercultural relationships within the congregation, as well as providing a platform for greater cooperation between mono-ethnic churches that have different cultural orientations. The workshop is offered to church leadership and interested members.

The 4-hour workshop includes interaction between the members of the ethnic groups represented. It is divided into two parts:

Principles for Effective Cross-Cultural Outreach

This workshop explores effective means of cross-cultural outreach. The implications for Gospel communication are explored for a variety of cultural distinctives.

Coaching for those reaching out cross-culturally is also provided. A number of significant steps are required to develop a team which is effective in cross-cultural ministry: clarifying a vision, choosing a team, strategizing for involvement and accountability and receptor sensitivity training. Grassroots evangelistic methods such as Significant Conversations are explored.

Surviving the Culture Clash

world-clashesDesigned to help those planning to live in a cross-cultural setting for the first time. Provides guidance in understanding cultural dynamics along with some tools to handle potential cultural clashes. Describes the symptoms of culture shock with suggestions on how to make adjustments that lead to healthy relationships and a positive experience.

Portfolio of Cross-cultural Experiences


The “Portfolio of Cross Cultural Experiences” is an entry level program of experiences that allows church members of all ages explore diverse aspects of cross-cultural ministry. Many of us are living in multi-ethnic settings without recognizing the significance and depth of the differences. Stepping into the context of other ethnic groups can help develop an appropriate empathy towards other cultures as well as prevent  misunderstandings and judgments that cause mistrust and fear. These experiences can also stimulate the desire to be more involved in God’s mission to the world. This guided and reflective approach recognizes the current desire in our churches to provide people with hands-on cross-cultural experiences. The academic demands are minimal with a focus on growing through experience and interaction.

Think Like a Missionary: Putting Missional in your Church’s Visionillustration

This workshop walks the church through the implications of the “missional church” in shaping a church’s vision. This workshop encourages stimulating and thought provoking discussion for those congregations looking to shape their particular identity and vision.

Other Cross-cultural Ministry Lectures / Seminars available to Churches

    • Church Planting Cross-culturally
    • Cross-cultural Evangelism
    • Living in a Pluralist Context
    • Intercultural Communication
    • Implications of the Missional Church for Cross-cultural Church Planting

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