Code of Best Practices for
Church Mission Mobilizers

The following code of best practices for church mission mobilizers is provided from a desire to start a conversation about how Church mission mobilizers can be most effective in engaging their congregations with the global mission. Please contact us for your input.

Code of Best Practices for Church Mission Mobilizers

A guide for facilitators of church based cross-cultural ministries
D Klaassen (CWMBC) and M Naylor (NBS & FEBI) February 2007

People who desire excellence in church missions will: Globe

1) Cultivate a relationship with God that shares his passion that all the nations worship him.

2) Be a catalyst for the development of the church’s strategic mission vision in partnership with church leadership.

3) Prayerfully implement the strategic mission vision of the church
a. by encouraging the entire congregation to experience God’s passion for missions and
b. by establishing viable, measurable and relevant goals in the realization of the vision.

4) Develop and maintain healthy working relationships with leaders and lay members of the church, cross cultural ministers, mission agencies representatives and leaders of other like-minded churches.

5) Function well as a mission focused team by demonstrating servant leadership, utilizing each team member’s gifting, maintaining good stewardship, communicating effectively and ensuring administrative clarity. Globe

6) Evaluate the church’s progress towards the realization of the vision and adjust the short term goals to reflect developing realities and opportunities.

7) Recruit and disciple new missions minded team members for the continued development of missions passion and vision in the church.

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