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A comment from Short Term Missions team leaders on the support and help received from Fellowship International and Northwest Baptist Seminary:

It was great to work together with you in building and assisting our Missions Team.  Your presentation on Islam was excellent and very much appreciated and you facilitated our debriefing evening to be one of our highlight meetings together.  Thank you for all your help and input.

Many churches are presently involved in short term missions projects.  These STM trips provide “teachable moments” that can be utilized to expand a person’s commitment to what God is doing in the world. Northwest Baptist Seminary and Fellowship International Ministries would like to be of service to our FEBCC churches by enhancing their efforts through assistance in training and debriefing.  We believe that we can offer training and support to the STM leaders as well as to the participants of the STM teams that will allow for a long term impact through the development of a missional outlook on life.

We believe that partnering with our churches in this way will allow us significant contact with those people who are interested in missions.  By participating in their development, we can identify those whom God may be calling into full time cross-cultural ministry and guide them into training opportunities that would ensure appropriate equipping for the task.

There are three aspects to the STM experience: training (preparation), the missions trip and debriefing.  Of these three the latter is the most neglected, yet is essential if the missions experience is to transforming impact in the life of the participant by developing a missional outlook on life.  Moreover, the opportunity to prepare people with an impacting perspective on missions and eye-opening understanding of culture is often cut short due to time pressures and the “tyranny of the urgent.” While understandable, this robs the participants of the ability to gain a vision of their part in God’s mission that can transform their lives.  FEBI and Northwest desire is to provide support to churches in their STM efforts to train and debrief the participants.


In the interest of helping FEBBC/Y churches “raise the bar” in their STM efforts, Fellowship International Ministries and Northwest Baptist Seminary provide training workshops for missions committees and teams who are or plan to be involved in short-term cross-cultural ministry as well as to assist in debriefing efforts. The aim is that the investment of finances and personnel be utilized with the greatest impact in missions for God’s glory.

These workshops can guide the participants in planning for impact, maximizing strengths as well as preparing the participants with an introduction to culture and realization of their own cultural orientation.  A deeper understanding of biblical foundations for missions is developed by the participants.

The training workshops include cultural games and exercises, a questionnaire to determine each participant’s cultural orientation, and breakout groups.

Support for debriefing includes planning and facilitating meetings with the goal of encouraging long range impact on a personal level and in the church.

Download the brochure Raising the Bar in STM: Support, Seminars and Debriefing for Church-based Short-term missions trips

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Ensure that your team is meeting the standards for excellent Short term missions teams and is following the Code of Best Practice for STM teams.  A pdf of the Code or a Guide to Best Practice for STM teams (including the code) can be downloaded for free from the World Evangelical Alliance website.

David Mays’ comprehensive resource CD, Missions Trip Stuff which provides help for STM trips is highly recommended and can be purchased through outlets in Canada.  Contact Mark Naylor for information.

Contact Mark Naylor for the use of other resources for STM team training, such as Bible studies and Cultural games.

Debriefing helps:

Check out 50 questions and Questions for parents to encourage the participants to think deeper about the next step.

Ten proven principles for a quality debriefing time gives guidance towards effective and impacting post STM meetings.

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