Workshop comments

The workshop held in Ottawa Oct 31, 2009 was well received. There were a total of 2 churches and 13 participants.  Some comments:

[The workshop] ignites passion and direction, forces you to examine your focus

[The workshop] helps with the process of working from mission to action plan. It helped get our missions committee members to have a common direction.

An excellent day!

The two workshops held at Fernie and Vernon (interior BC) in May 2009 generated a lot of positive feedback. There were a total of 5 churches and 33 participants.  Some comments:

Thank you! It was excellent!

The time was well spent on each area.  I don’t think we left anything of significance behind.

What was worthwhile? For somebody new on the missions committee – All of it was! Thank you!

The workshop was great – gave clarity to what is reality. Only exceeded by determining priorities, which gave the group consensus.

Thanks again for doing that workshop; it has given our committee some new direction.

[The workshop]

  • forced us to make goals and [determine] how to achieve them
  • helped me think in terms of process
  • helpful to me to create more ownership and vision for missions
  • broadens our vision towards missions as a church
  • gives tools which are tangible and can be put into practice

Comments from the March 1 (Victoria) and March 8 (Lower Mainland), 2008 workshops

“[The workshops have exceeded my expectations.  Not that I had low expectations but the level of relational building, prayer, and planning was very good….  My time with [the church missions] leaders was very significant … and some real progress was made. I felt honored to help them through the process.

The number of people that came from the churches was also very significant.  To have 5-10 people from the same church (including pastoral staff) together at the table for 7 hours discussing Global Mission is truly remarkable.”
– a facilitator

“One of the best seminars that I have been to.  We got down to brass tacks.”
–    a Pastor

Thank you for the great workshop.  Our missions focus is struggling and we found it to be so helpful and encouraging.

The questions and exercises were well thought out and gave us good direction, as well as the prayer focus throughout.  We found it time well spent as it enabled us to focus well right there.  We have a good plan, I think, to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

– missions chair
helpful and reproducible
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to come together to focus on our circumstances and look toward what God wants us to do at this time and in this church.
No need to improve, it is excellent
Excellent! Everything is fine! Good job!
It was enjoyable and enlightening
I found it all worthwhile
It was great
The health [of missions in your church] section was very useful.  It was a nice visual pinpointing system
I found it very helpful and it opened my eyes to what we have to focus on.
It was extremely helpful for starting out

the seminar on Saturday … was extremely helpful for us

– a Pastor

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