Coaching for Missions and Evangelism

What is Coaching?

At its core, coaching revolves around a belief that the other person understands his/her own objectives—and possible solutions to achieve those objectives—better than we do.
– Kelly McClelland

See also Coaching for Evangelism
See also Coaching for Missions

Coaching is an agreement between the Center for International Leadership Development  and your church to engage in a 6-12 month process of planning and implementing an evangelism or missions focus that fits your context.  Your coach will lead 6-8 workshops with the evangelism or missions team during the coaching process.

Download an interview entitled “Missions Coaching: How Can It Benefit My Church?” recorded March 24, 2011.  Mark explains the dynamic and benefits of coaching, while Pastor Paul Johnson reveals the impact coaching has had on South Delta Baptist Church.

The Benefits of Coaching:

  • An outside facilitator can guide you in the development of yourvision and action plan through
    • teaching basic principles
    • listening
    • asking relevant questions
    • introducing exercises to stimulate interaction and creative thinking
    • assigning homework to bring the principles to life
  • Time is a TOOL
    • A one day workshop is helpful, but time is an enemy with a lot of information provided in a short period of time.  Moreover, following the workshop the impact lessens with each passing day without intentional follow-up.  Coaching provides ongoing stimulus with the opportunity for the participants to process the information and vision.
  • Enables shifts to more natural and productive ways of thinking and acting
  • Enables movement from creating vision to the point of deployment
  • The coach can provide connection to resources and partnerships that will enhance your effectiveness

In summary coaching stimulates creative interaction to address a common concern that leads to productive action

Coaching For Evangelism

Coaching for Missions

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