Coaching For Evangelism

Coaching For Evangelism
Take advantage of the dynamic that already exists in your church

“Significant Conversations” fits our cultural context like good pair of running shoes. We have been especially blessed with the coaching segment of the program that helps with adjustments and encouragement to get in the race.

Dwight Geiger
Lead Pastor
Sooke Baptist

How many conversations have you had this past week to people outside of the church?  How many conversations have the people in your congregations had?  A church of 100 people can easily have 1500 conversations each week with those who do not know Christ.  This incredible potential for community impact through your church is already happening! Learn to enhance and celebrate that reality while providing networking and support to ensure these conversations can become even more significant.

The key to Significant conversations is being attentive to what is already happening and building upon established momentum and vision.

Rather than:

  • introducing a new program
  • explaining the program
  • getting people on board with the program
  • working to make the program a success

Instead with Significant Conversations you begin by identifying the existing passion of people to live significant and impacting lives in relationship with others.

The purpose statement for coaching Significant Conversations is

to equip groups of “champions” in local churches for the role of initiating, supporting and encouraging other believers as they engage those outside the church in significant conversations.

The goal of coaching Significant Conversations is

to create an environment in the church in which the majority of the believers are praying on an ongoing basis for and with another member of the congregation that God would give that person invitations to engage in significant conversations.

During the coaching process you will:

  • be able to shape the outreach emphasis according the demands and needs of your context.
  • discover the conversations that members of the congregation are already having in the community
  • learn how to network effectively for prayer and encouragement
  • recognize the levels of interaction that occur within conversations
  • gain skills in moving a conversation to a deeper and more significant level
  • learn to identify and respond to “bubbles” that are invitations to take the relationship to a new level
  • become confident that God is already at work in people’s lives
  • appoint people to a ministry that they are already involved in and committed to
  • develop forums in which people can explore how to respond more appropriately to the questions and concerns raised by those with whom they are developing relationships

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