Mark Naylor, D.Th.

Dr. Mark Naylor

Dr. Mark Naylor

Coordinator of the Centre for Intercultural Leadership Development (CILD)

Mark served along with Karen, his wife, with Fellowship International for fourteen years, doing evangelism, church planting and leadership development. He continues with his responsibilities as the supervisor and primary exegete for a Bible translation project. Here at Northwest Mark’s responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating the professional development of Fellowship missionaries and the training of national church leadership in their countries of service.
  • Stimulating and recruiting people connected with the Fellowship for potential cross-cultural and missions involvement.
  • Assisting Fellowship churches to develop and train those who desire to serve in cross-cultural ministry through the Cross-Cultural Leadership Development Program.
  • Providing support to local churches in the areas of cross-cultural outreach and the development of healthy intercultural relationships. This includes improving the effectiveness of Short Term missions teams and encouraging our churches towards significant cross-cultural ministry.
  • Giving seminars and workshops on missions and cultural issues, including perspectives on Islam, Bible translation and doing missions in the local church.
  • Coaching churches in the area of missions and evangelism (Significant Conversations).


  1. View all articles posted by Mark on this website
  2. Mark completed his Master of Theology through the University of South Africa in 2007. Click here to read about and view his thesis on Contextualized Bible Storying among the Sindhi people.
  3. His doctoral thesis (Doctor of Theology in Missiology) is on “mapping” a theological trajectory of believers within an unreached people group.
  4. See Mark’s blog entitled Cross Cultural Impact in the 21st Century. Click here to view.

Areas of Interest – Professional:

  • How the Gospel is shaped by cultural contexts.
  • How people communicate across cultural boundaries
  • Bible Translation and the way this aids in understanding God’s word
  • The limitations and strengths of language (especially Sindhi)
  • How cultural perspectives shape theologies

Links to Personal Websites

Areas of Interest – Personal:

  • Family (playing with grandkids! – starting 2014)
  • Hiking and walking (with Karen)
  • Discussions about controversial theological subjects
  • Having “Significant Conversations

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