Nikki Lanigan

Nicole Lanigan

Nicole Lanigan

Children’s Ministry Specialization Program Coordinator

I came to Northwest Baptist Seminary in the fall of 2008. I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Religion, with a major in Church Ministries, at Northwest Baptist College in 1998. I served in Children’s Ministry for the following nine years teaching children, writing curriculum, training volunteers, and working with worship bands.

Unlike the majority of Northwest faculty and staff, I have only one degree and have published nothing in my life … though I have written hordes of Children’s Ministry curriculum! So if writing, photocopying, and distributing lessons to Sunday School teachers counts as publishing then I am very well published indeed. Having spent nine years working with two to ten year olds, I found my vocabulary to be considerably smaller than those with whom I work. To this day you can find me looking up words in the dictionary – words like obstreperous and obnubilate. Merriam-Webster and I are good friends.

I married Brent in 2003, despite the fact that he is an Oilers fan. We have two sons who keep us hopping and severely sleep deprived.

If you have any questions in regards to the Children’s Ministry Specialization please contact me. I would be pleased to assist you in whatever manner I can.

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