Trent Erickson

Hi. My name is Trent, and I joined the Northwest Team as Chief Operating Officer in January 2015. I am part of the President’s administrative leadership team and am tasked with giving strategic leadership to all areas of operational interest within the life of the seminary as well as representing Northwest in conversation with partners and networks, especially in the development and customization of Immerse, working to oversee the various Immerse management teams throughout the broader network of Immerse partner organizations.

I have served both the Fellowship and Evangelical Free church as a pastor for 27 years in youth, music, associate and lead pastoral roles. I am a graduate of NBS with a Master of Ministry. My ministry passions are leadership development and coaching leaders in heart transforming disciple-making strategies and structures. I am excited to be a part of the work that God is doing at and through Northwest at this significant moment in our history.

I have been married to my beautiful wife Karen for almost 30 years (since August 1985). Together, we are the proud parents of two boys, Evan and Lukas. Evan is married to Alyssa, and they serve at a Fellowship church in Maple Ridge as their youth pastor. Lukas is recently engaged to Crystal, and is preparing to become an elementary school teacher.

I have two other passions that have no eternal significance, but receive a significant amount of my time an attention, and are therefore worthy to note. I am an avid golfer, both for stress relief and life development, and regularly schedule 18 hole conflict management courses. You are welcome to join me! I am also a certified National Volleyball Official, and can regularly be seen in gymnasiums blowing a whistle with front row seats to one of the best team sports in the world.


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