Edit photos and other images

Once you have an image uploaded and placed in your post you can go back and edit the photo – resizing it, deleting it, or adding a “thickbox” popup effect to it.  All of the images on this page have the “thickbox” effect.

As they are on the page the images consist of thumbnails – small replicas of the originals.  However, when clicked, the images pop up in a nice large box for easier viewing.  A second click in the image closes it.

Re-sizing your photo/image

Resize the imageTo re-size a photo or image, CLICK on the image, hover with your mouse over a corner until the double headed arrow appears.  Hold your SHIFT key down and click on that corner where the arrow appears.  Move the corner in the direction you want to re-size and release both the mouse and the SHIFT key once you have it where you want it.  Clicking on the image to the right will open a larger view of how to re-size an image.

Editing your photo

Image EditTo edit the photo return to the post where you inserted the photo and in edit post mode and click on the image. Two little boxes will appear in the top left corner of the image. They are the edit and delete buttons.  Click on the “Edit Image” button and the image editor will open.

Adding the Thickbox effect

Add thickbox effectYou can add the “thickbox” effect to an image by going to the Advanced Settings tab in the Image Editor and adding the word “thickbox” in the CSS Class under Advanced Link Settings.  Make sure that you press the “Update” button once you are finished editing.

Adding a caption to your photo

An image with a caption

An image with a caption

Sometimes it is nice to have a caption added to a photo.  In order to do this, go to the Edit Image tab and enter a caption in the Edit Image Caption box.

Once all editing on your images is finished remember to click the “Update Post” in the WordPress post editor.