How to: Insert a video clip into your blog

Inserting a video clip into your blog is not too much more difficult than inserting a photo.  Once you have the clip ready in the appropriate format and uploaded to our storage facility all you need to do is follow the steps below.

Video Types

There are a number of different formats that are used for streaming video.  For the most part we will be using Flash based video clips.

Upload Video Clip

All of our streaming media is located in a special streaming media storage facility.  Currently you will need to get the clip to Loren and he will upload it for you.  Once it is uploaded he will give you the URL where it can be linked from.

Create post (blog entry) or page (more permanent)

Remember that a post is only current for a little while and then settles into the archives of the site.  A person can still search for an older post but it is not as easy to get to.  A page, on the other hand, is always available in the menu system.  This is an important distinction when deciding where a video clip will be inserted.  If it is intended for endurance and lasting availability then it needs to be on a page. See my discussion of the difference between posts and pages in WordPress.  This then will need to fit into our overall strategy for the site.

Insert video clip into post/page

Insert VideoOnce you have a post or page open in edit mode place the cursor where you want the image to be and click on the “Insert Video” button on the main menu bar of the WordPress editor.  This will open the Insert Video dialogue box.

  1. Select the video type – most likely Flash
  2. Paste the URL Loren gave you into the File/URL box.
  3. In the Dimensions box enter 100% in both spaces.
  4. Then click “Insert” (or update if you are editing the link)

You can also insert YouTube clips

Insert YouTube clipIn order to insert a clip from YouTube all you need to do is to obtain the URL of the clip as shown in the image to the right.  The only difference is that in the Dimensions box WordPress will usually obtain the dimensions automatically from YouTube.

That is all there is to it.  Save the post or page and view it in your browser.

Here is a sample YouTube video clip inserted