Posts & Pages – what’s the diff?

Pages are the bread and butter of the structure of the Northwest website.  Pages form the sections and sub-sections of the site with each page being part of the larger hierarchy.  Pages can stand alone or have sub-pages under them.  Pages tend to be static – meaning that once they are created and placed within the structure they rarely are moved.  Pages are changed or deleted only when the information they contain becomes outdated or irrelevant to the site.  The site map shows all of the viewable pages on the site and displays their hierarchy.

This Help Menu system is based on pages.  The structure and hierarchical nature of pages makes it ideal for organizing information of this nature.

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Posts are the grist of the blogging part of the Northwest website. Posts are like a news paper – older articles are regularly replaced with newer ones.  The older articles are not deleted but are still available in the archives of the site.  Posts can be called up by category (here is the ‘prayer‘ category), by author (here are Brian Rapske’s articles), by date and by tag (here are all the articles with the tag ‘Gospel‘).  Posts are very flexible and can be listed and presented in many different ways.  Here is a list of all categories and sub-categories and how many posts are included in each one.

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There actually is a post on this site that describes in greater detail some of the functions Posts and Pages and the differences between them.  View it here: Posts and Pages.

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