Publishing Google Slides (Presentation) in Immerse

Google Slides can be easily published in one of your Student Submissions. Here is how.
(You can click on the images to enlarge them)

  1. Create your presentation (or upload a presentation such as PowerPoint) in Google Drive.
  2. Open the presentation in Slide
  3. On the Slides >> File menu select “Publish to the Web”
  4. Adjust all of the settings the way you want them
  5. Click Publish
  6. Copy the embed link
  7. Go back to the Immerse Portfolio site and create your Student Submission, give it a title and follow the instructions for selecting the MLO and ODA. Once the Submission has been properly set up, enter any introductory information you need and then save it to draft.
  8. Now click on the “Text” tab to enter text editing mode.
  9. Embed the code by pasting the link you copied from Google Slides. It should begin with a <iframe> and end with a </iframe>.
  10. You should be able to view your Student Submission with the embedded slide show.

This is an embedded slide.