Larry Perkins – Articles and Links

Viewable Articles

  • Greater than Solomon (LINK)
  • Mark’s Language of Religious Conflict (LINK)
  • Why the “Finger of God” in Luke 11:20? (PDF)
  • “Let the Reader Understand” – a Contextual Interpretation of Mark 13:14 (PDF)
  • Exagoge or Exodus – What Changed and Why (PDF)
  • Septuagint Studies and Evangelicalism – Using the Bible Paul Used (LINK)
  • Atonement in 1st Peter (PDF)
  • Competing With Integrity in Kingdom Work (PDF)
  • Examples of Duality in Mark (PDF)
  • The Delicate Dance of Congregational Government (LINK)
  • The Lord is a Warior (PDF)
  • KURIOS – Proper Name or Title in Greek Exodus (PDF)

New Testament Studies

Baptist Studies

  • Locating Ourselves as Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches (PDF)

Studies on Church and Leadership

Articles in other Publications

  • The Markan Narrative’s use of the Old Greek Text of Jeremiah to Explain Israel’s Obduracy (PDF)


  • Deep Gospel must be Full Gospel (PDF)

Bible Study Materials

  • Parables of Jesus, Parables of Grace: Introductory Bible Studies (PDF)

Baptism – Inaugural Spirituality

  • Biblical Theology of Baptism : Jesus (PDF)
  • Biblical Theology of Baptism : Paul (PDF)
  • Biblical Theology of Baptism : Peter (PDF)
  • Baptism – First Module Outline (PDF)
  • Baptism – Second Module Outline (PDF)
  • Baptism – Third Module Outline (PDF)

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