Application for Graduation (Korean)

Important Notice:

The following apply to all Northwest students intending to graduate in their program.

  • APPLICATION FORM: In order to graduate from Northwest Baptist Seminary a student must complete an Application for Graduation. Once the form is filled out and submitted to the Registrar’s office the Registrar will do a program audit to determine program completion.
    • KOREAN DOCTOR OF MINISTRY or DIPLOMA IN POST GRADUATE STUDIES – The application deadline for students intending to graduate from Immerse is April 15th of the year in which they intend to participate.
  • PROGRAM COMPLETION: It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they have completed all program requirements prior to the date of graduation.
  • GRADUATION APPLICATION FEES: There is a $200 graduation fee which is payable upon submission of this form and is due by the published Graduation Application Deadline. There will be an additional $50 fee for applications past that date.

Application for Graduation

The following information will be sent directly to the Northwest Baptist Seminary Registrar's office for processing.

First Name
Last Name
Student ID
Immerse students you can find your Student ID number at the top of your portfolio page. Other programs your Student ID number will be on your student card.
Select the Program from which you are intending to graduate
Select your program presentation ?
If you are graduating with a Doctor of Ministry you need to select which presentation you have done to fulfill your graduation requirements (i.e. Project or Dissertation).
Enter the title of your Dissertation or Project
This is a required field, so if you selected Post-Grad Diploma just type "NONE" in this box - otherwise please type in the title of your dissertation or project.
Which graduation date are you applying for?
Your name as you would like it on your diploma
This helps Northwest avoid spelling mistakes or name order problems.
Current Address

Graduation Ceremony and Materials Information

Will you be physically attending the graduation ceremony?
Have you ever graduated from either NBS or NBC before?
Have you ever applied for graduation before?
Do you have your own regalia?
If you do not have your own regalia indicate your height (in centimeters)

Credit Card Information

First Name On Card
Last Name On Card
Card Type
Card Number
Expiry Month
Expiry Year
Card CVV

Billing Details

Street Address
State or Province
Zip/Postal Code
I herewith make application for graduation, pay the $200 graduation fee, and confirm that the above information is complete and correct.