Application for Readmission to Northwest
If you have been absent from Northwest for 12 months or more you need to apply for Readmission.
Contact the Registrar if you do not remember your student number - [email protected]
Please enter an email address that will reach you.
Please enter a phone number where we can reach you.
Is there anything in your personal situation that has changed over the period of your absence from Northwest that would be helpful for us to know?
Please select the program in which you were previously registered.
Please select the Northwest Partner Network you are connected with.


I certify that this information is complete and accurate. I understand that making false or fraudulent statements within this application will result in disciplinary action, denial of reactivation and invalidation of credit or degrees earned. By submitting this form I am confirming that I was not required to withdraw from Northwest and that I agree to abide by Northwest's policies and Community Covenant.
Price: $ 200.00