The Evangelical Emergent Condition

I have been teaching a series called “Principles of our Faith” lately at one of our local Fellowship churches and one of the questions people keep asking me is; “what do you think of the concept ‘emerging church’”? My answer is always the same. The emerging church, like Postmodernity, is a condition, only confined to the evangelical church. It marks its self by its lack of clarity, its lack of direction and its lack of theological depth, all because evangelicals have forgotten their Bibles, lost their historical identity and jettisoned their doctrinal roots. The reactions are predictable. Denial. But I have yet to be proven wrong. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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One thought on “The Evangelical Emergent Condition

  1. Ron Rutley

    I discovered this blog post this past week in my sermon prep. I heartily agree. This week I am preaching on the profound difference between sola Scriptura, as the magesterial reformers taught it and “solo Scriptura”-(post)modern evangelicalism’s sorry substitute! I will be incorporating this quote into my sermon in some way.

    Thanks, Dr. Spencer.


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