Northwest invites you to participate in an assessment of your intercultural relationship building skills through the Intercultural Development Inventory.


This includes an explanatory workshop on November 3, 2023 from 9:00am-12:00pm with Drs. Mark Naylor, Jonathan Numada, Don Chang, and Byungsuk Kim.


You can attend in person at the Northwest Media Centre (located in the Fosmark Building on Trinity Western Campus) or online, via Zoom.


The IDI helps people gain intercultural awareness, identify their personal level of intercultural competence, and discern a pathway towards increased relational skills in unfamiliar settings.


Workshop participants take an online assessment (kept personal throughout the process, apart from a qualified administrator (QA) who helps the participant understand the results), attend an explanatory seminar, and participate in a private consultation with a QA.


Registration is $60, which covers the cost of:


  • The workshop
  • Intercultural Development Inventory
  • One-on-one consultation
  • Ongoing development plan

Register below

Price: $ 60.00
Covers assessment materials, instructional content, workshop facilitation, and qualified administration consultations.

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