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About our Faculty and Staff Team

A good team has people with good character, and good character grows from communal belief in and reliance on Jesus Christ. Our staff and faculty exercise wisdom, discernment, and humility as they direct the school, teach a class, or design a program.


To ensure that we are sticking to our mission and achieving our goals, Northwest has a Leadership Team that meets monthly. This team is accountable to our Board of Governors, a committee of officials elected from our supporting churches who are invested in the work of Northwest.

Leadership Team

Executive Vice President
Academic Dean
Brent Foster square

Brent Foster

Chief Financial Officer


Professor Emeritus, Biblical Languages
Associate Professor, Biblical Studies
Director of Research, Research Professor
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Program Manager, CBTE
Assistant Professor of Theology & Ethics, Program Manager, CBTE & Life-Long Learning
Coordinator of Intercultural Leadership Development
Associate Professor of Leadership, Director of Korean Language Programs
Emeritus President,
Emeritus Professor of Biblical Studies
Professor Emeritus, New Testament
Professor in the John. H. Pickford Chair in Theology


Assistant Registrar & Assistant Director of Admissions
Operations Coordinator
Administrative and Program Assistant, Korean Language Programs
Assistant to Korean Master of Divinity (KMDV) Directors, Manager for KMDV Internship Program
Assistant Director of Korean CBTE Programs
Student Services Coordinator
Assistant to the President, Bookkeeper
Assistant Director, Operations
Program Coordinator, Communications & CBTE
Network Manager Spanish Immerse
Registrar, Webmaster
Media Specialist

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