How we define and measure sucess

Northwest's mission is to prepare effective ministry leaders in context for service to churches and agencies in the Fellowship and beyond.

As an outworking of this mission, our institutional goals are:


  • Serve people in their various giftings and callings for the sake of Kingdom ministry
  • Sustain our theological commitment to God’s Word, the gospel, and the local church
  • Facilitate learning through practice in situations that are informed by and are a benefit to particular ministry contexts
  • Serve the churches and ministries of Fellowship Pacific and commit to serve the broader Kingdom of God
  • Equip students in their contexts, with the support of engaged mentors, for the achievement of defined missional outcomes
  • Provide quality education within an affordable and sustainable financial framework

But how do we know if this vision is becoming a reality and we are achieving these goals? What metrics do we use to ensure we are living this vision and striving to meet these goals? How do we define and measure "success" for our school and our students? First, we think enrolment, graduation, and placement rates are helpful indicators for how we are sticking to our vision and achieving our goals.

290 students over the last five years¹

57% graduation rate over the last five graduations²

82% ministry placement rate of graduates in the last five years³

 88% retention rate last year4

Second, stories. We think the stories shared by the numerous people served by and who serve at Northwest are precise and powerful indicators of how God is enabling us to pursue our mission and reach our goals.

Over the past 60 years, the significant impact that Northwest has had on my life has been amazing. I am thankful for the critical and important role Northwest has been to my faith and family and that it has been a tremendous blessing to us in so many ways.

- Larry Nelson, Northwest Alumnus & Former Northwest Board Chair

I feel privileged to learn from the Korean faculty at Northwest. They understand Korean cultural sentiment as well as their teaching subject. I think the combination of Canadian and Korean faculties is a unique and beneficial strength of Northwest Seminary. I believe the road that they are paving will be a good and helpful way to those who prepare themselves as pastors and missionaries for the Kingdom of God.

- JiGeon Jeon, Korean language MDIV Student

I am thankful for my Immerse mentors and the knowledge and wisdom from our faculty lecturers. This has been so valuable to my spiritual growth. Immerse and my mentors have helped me in sustaining my faith and becoming a better leader.

- Noel Manucduc, Immerse MDIV graduate and Chaplain for Baptist Housing

¹ The number of students who registered in Northwest specific programs between September 2018 and September 2022.

² The combined graduation rate of all intakes expected to graduate between September 2018 and 2022.

³ The number of graduates between September 2018 and 2022 who began or attained ministry roles.

³ The percentage of non-graduating students who were enrolled in 2022 and returned in 2023 across all programs.

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