Creatively educating and empowering followers of Jesus Christ for joyful service and skilled ministry leadership.

We have pioneered new, practical ways to earn a quality college and seminary degree.


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Our approach to theological education is as unique as the vocation God has given you.


Learn on the job, in your context

CBTE stands for competency-based theological education. It offers you apprenticeship-style learning through guided hands-on practice, modular teaching, intensive mentoring, and reliable assessment, all done in your ministry context.


As pioneers and world leaders in CBTE, Northwest offers accredited, respected bachelor and master degrees that cultivate graduates who have developed and demonstrated competence in the knowledge, skill, and character traits required for joyful service and skilled leadership in their context.


Learn through courses, in the seminary

Northwest offers traditional course-based graduate-level programs through ACTS Seminaries, a partnership of four distinct Canadian seminaries working together to form and equip followers of Christ to serve in the church and the world. Together, this consortium operates as the graduate school of theology of Trinity Western University.


Through ACTS, we offer specialized and general theological education, masters and doctoral degrees, certificates and diplomas, through flexible, accessible study options including in-person, modular and online courses.

Northwest Seminary School

About Northwest

We understand the needs and dynamics of learning to serve skilfully in today’s culture. Our degrees allow for in-person, online, distance, and in-context learning. Our unique in-context programs are holistic, integrating mentored development and demonstration of knowledge, skill, and character competencies critical to success in your ministry setting.


Located in the beautiful Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Northwest students are completing degrees from coast to coast in Canada, the USA, Central and South America, and beyond.

Global Leaders

We educate ministry leaders in North America, Central and South America, and Korea, and offer programs in English, Korean, French, and Spanish.

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Watching and Waiting

I am sitting in a hospital ‘waiting room’, three chairs placed six feet across from a bank of elevators. They would be prime people watching seats if only more people would get off the elevator. At this time in the morning though it is only doctors, staff, and the man filling the vending machine. I am here with my husband who is having a medical test. He will not be allowed to drive for 24 hours, so I am the acting chauffeur. Read full article.





Lanigan Family

I received from Immerse an unmovable trust in God's Word and now each day I look forward to reading his word. No amount of money can "buy" this faith or desire for scripture. This is something that will stay with me for life, and taking Immerse helped me get there.

- Christine Beriault, Immerse Graduate and Children's Ministry Director

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