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Explore your potential for Competency-Based Learning

A process of discernment

Part of the uniqueness of a competency-based degree program is the process through which one enters the program. In a standard course-based program, you complete the application form, send in the required items, and wait to hear if you've been accepted. In a competency-based program, we partner with the organization who will be mentoring you through your studies to discern your fit for the program. This discernment process proceeds through the following steps:



Interested applicants employed or connected with one of our partner networks should contact their network lead. Those unconnected to a partner organization are asked to contact Northwest.



Each partner network operates their own assessment in consultation with Northwest on academic requirements.



Those who successfully complete the assessment process are invited to apply to a  CBTE program.


Academic Transcripts

As part of the process of application you will be required to provide Northwest with academic documents of any previous education. Read Northwest's Academic Document and Transcript Policy here.


Alternate/Mature Student Status

If you have not attained a bachelor's degree, but are 28 years of age or older, you may be eligible to apply for a CBTE program. Please read the guidelines for qualifying for Alternate/Mature Student Admission.

Application Deadlines

Please note that these CBTE Programs application deadlines are for the formal application, not the CBTE pre-application below. Formal application is only available through the registrar's office and not the website. All supporting documents (transcripts, letter of reference, etc.) must be received prior to the application deadline.

Term Term Start Date Application Form Opens Application Deadline
Trimester 1 January 1 October 1 3rd Friday of November
Trimester 2 May 1 February 1 3rd Friday of March
Trimester 3 September 1 June 1 3rd Friday of July

CBTE pre-application form

If you would like to begin a conversation with us in regards to applying to one of our CBTE programs, please complete the form below.


Once your pre-application has been approved you will be sent a link to the formal application form.

Please enter your name in English as it appears in your passport.
Please provide us with a current email address where we can reach you.

Northwest CBTE Partners

Northwest delivers all of our CBTE programming in partnership with like-minded organizations. Students in Northwest's CBTE programs will be affiliated with one of those Partners and will complete most of their initial application process through that partner. Once this form is completed the information will be directed both to Northwest Admissions as well as to the selected Partner. Expect to be contacted by the Partner you have selected.
Northwest has three CBTE Intakes each year. See the instructions above as to the deadlines for each intake.

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