Korean Library and Information Resources

TWU Norma Marion Alloway Library

While on campus candidates have access to the TWU library, which has approximately 350 Korean language volumes in its collection primarily focused upon Christian Worldview issues.


DBPia database of Korean language journals

All KDMN candidates have access to the DBPia database of Korean language journals.


EBSCO Religion and Philosophy Collection

All KDMN candidates have access to the ATLA database. Although this primarily is an English, German and French language resource, many candidates in the KDMN will have some English ability and could benefit from accessing this resource


National Digital library

Compressive search 8 participating organization and their 70 databases possible Documents that do not conflict with copyright may be viewed/printed for a fee or free of charge.


National Library of Korea

Possible to search the digitized full-text information, databases, materials and thesis held by the National Library of Korea


IKTINOS (Institute of Korean Theological Information Network Service)

Provides and index and abstract database about Korean Theological and Religious Publications.


Korean Bible Society

Provides History of Korean language bible translation and Bible translation around the world.

Provides Bible reading, Bible search, Map of Biblical Places, Dictionary of people and place names of the bible, Glossary, etc.


RISS (KERIS Research information service system)

Information of various researches may be searched.

Domestic academic information (journals, thesis, books, journals, etc.) and information service by subject, overseas lecture notes and international organization’s information sites, etc. is provided.

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