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Nomination Form for the Degree of Doctor of Divinity - Honoris Causa

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The Doctor of Divinity is the highest recognition conferred by Northwest. It is an honorary degree recognizing significant contributions in a candidate's chosen field. It is not intended to confer academic status or privileges, but to recognize and award outstanding achievement to the candidate in their field. Candidates must meet the following minimum criteria: a) Significant and long-standing (minimum 10 years) achievement in one of the following areas: scholarship, ministry, creative activity; b) Recognition by their peers of outstanding achievement; c) Evidence they have made a significant contribution to the advancement of the field chosen for evaluation; d) Evidence of consistent Christian testimony that will serve as a model to Northwest students, employees, and constituents.


Complete this nomination form, and submit it online along with the following required attachments: 1) Curriculum vitae, resume, or career summary of the nominee; 2) Copies of publications, or articles written by or about the nominee; 3) Two letters of support for this nomination from individuals who are peers or have direct personal or professional experience with the nominee, and have agreed to keep the name of the nominee in confidence. These documents should be in a pdf format so that they can be dropped into the appropriate fields in this form.


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