Progress In Achieving Northwest’s Key Result

For the Northwest Board “preparing effective ministry leaders cost-effectively for Kingdom ministries” for Fellowship Baptist Churches and ministries is the key result that guides all Seminary development.

Every adult believer fills a role in the Kingdom. Whether directly or indirectly Northwest will assist our denominational family to train leaders and thus contribute significantly to church health. The term “effective” means that those who take training with the Seminary will develop the character, knowledge, competence, spiritual intelligence and daily dependence on the Holy Spirit to exercise leadership that contributes to church health and Kingdom witness in the larger community.  “Effective” also means that leadership training will involve the practice of things learned in real ministry settings under the guidance of qualified mentors, assessing a participant’s development of specific competence and understanding.

Christian stewardship requires that Northwest use its resources wisely and with good accountability, following the best principles of business planning. We monitor what it costs to prepare effective ministry leaders and continually strive to deliver high value at reasonable cost and where achievable, reduced cost.

The scope of leadership needs in the Kingdom is significant. Northwest cooperates with member seminaries in the Associated Canadian Theological Schools, Trinity Western University and other appropriate agencies to provide various leadership training opportunities. Northwest supports leadership training that advances the Kingdom.

Recent progress towards achieving our key result:

  • Recent graduates ministering as lead pastors and youth pastors in Fellowship churches. Colin van der Kuur, graduating from the Doctor of Ministry program is now serving in a leadership capacity in the Fellowship Ministry Centre.
  • New leadership equipping opportunities:
    • Executive Certificate in Children’s Ministry
      Implemented September 2009
    • Pastoral Formation and Leadership Executive Certificate (Korean Language)
      Implemented September 2009
    • Revision of “Best Practices for Church Boards” Workshop
    • Chaplaincy Training Program (MA in Christian Studies)


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