The next In the Book event acknowledges the anxiety many people are feeling about environmental changes.


Using Britt Wray's book Generation Dread as a launching point for analysis and conversation, we will explore the responses to and remedies for such anxiety that she proposes based upon her worldview.


From a Christian worldview perspective, we will offer a constructive critique of her treatment of climate change and propose complementary, at times different perspectives and remedies, based on the hope expressed in the biblical message.


All are invited to participate in this discussion to discover, through interdisciplinary presentations and conversations, ways Christians can engage this complex, at times divisive topic will scripturally-formed wisdom.


March 16


Northwest Seminary & College + online



Drs. Brian Rapske, Howard Andersen & Larry Perkins



Dr. Estera Boldut, Dr. Sam Pimentel & Siyá:m Patricia Victor


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