Village Church


Village Church believes in and is excited about young men and women who are brave enough to step out into the call to lead — to lead ministries, plant churches, serve communities, and ultimately make Jesus known in Canada.


Village Church


Village Church is a multi-campus church headquartered in Surrey, BC. Village recognizes a need to raise up future ministry leaders and that need moved the church to respond by creating the Village School of Ministry (VSOM). VSOM is committed to training young leaders entirely in a local church context. Bridging quality accredited theological training with ministry opportunities alongside experienced pastors and ministry leaders. Click here to learn more.

Language and Region

This English-language program serves emerging leaders in Village Church campuses across Canada.

How To Apply


Village School of Ministry draws interested students from across Canada. To inquire about their intake schedule, contact the Village School of Ministry Director.



If Northwest, Village School of Ministry, and you agree to continue, you will be invited into an assessment process that includes written submissions, interviews, and other activities. The goal of this process is to discern whether the program is a good fit for you and your calling, as well as to help you and your church leadership understand the program and what it requires for you.



If you successfully complete the assessment process, you will be invited to apply and start orientation for your program.


If you are interested in this program you can contact the Village School of Ministry Director.

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