Alumna Interview with Terry Kemp

Terry Kemp graduated from NBTC in 198? Terry serves as the Kitchen Coordinator at South Delta Baptist Church. Terry is married to Paul and has three adult daughters, one son-in-law, and two grandchildren.


What did you appreciate about your studies at Northwest? 


I really enjoyed my studies at Northwest—Theology 101 was particularly impactful and helped broaden my biblical understanding. I initially enrolled just for the one-year Bible certificate, but then felt compelled to go back for a second year and completed the Bible diploma. I learned so much, and felt my Christian walk was positively impacted as I learned more in-depth about the Bible and its history! While I was there a new Long-Term Care certificate program started, so I completed that including a practicum at Granview Towers and was able to gain a small intro into the medical field under the leadership of Joy Lee.


How did your time studying at Northwest prepare you for the work and ministries you are involved in?


Well with the Long-Term Care Certificate I gained employment as a long-term care aide for a few years until we had children! But beyond the practical skills and knowledge, I learned the importance of servant leadership—which was wonderfully modelled to us by President Doug Harris and the other professors. As well, they all demonstrated strong Christian values and well-presented Biblical knowledge, which has been foundational for my own approach to serving and caring for others in ministry.


Describe your ministries since graduating from Northwest.


I have been fortunate to be involved with a variety of ministries at South Delta Baptist Church, from Children’s Ministries to Choir Ministry to the Stephen’s Ministry program, and currently, lots of work in the kitchen! My highlights have been working as a trained volunteer providing lay counselling with the Stephen’s Ministry, and now for a number of years, I’ve been volunteering with and leading our food ministries. I am currently the Kitchen Coordinator and work alongside an incredible volunteer team who cook up all sorts of tasty and wonderful food for recurring programs and fellowship events! We host memorial service receptions, and for our food ministries we host a women’s social event twice a month, a senior’s luncheon once a month, a communion lunch for the whole church once a month, and other events as they present themselves. We strive to be a happy and friendly kitchen and to show the love of Christ in our conduct with each other, while also striving for excellence in our food service for those who come to our events. It’s a busy kitchen and our team rises to the challenge with lots of love, good humour, and good food!


What is a way that you have seen God bring good to your life from a bad situation in your life?


When I was going through some challenging health problems 15 years ago, God cared for me and provided for me. I was in a place of fear, but by relying on Him I truly learned “the peace that passes understanding,” and have been grateful for his care and protection ever since.


Family info


We like to joke that I also received my “M.R.S.” degree at Northwest, when I married Paul Kemp, a fellow Northwest alumni! Paul Kemp and I met at Northwest in the early eighties and we had the privilege of marrying in 1985. Paul and I love to do life together. We walk our dog and with each other most days. And we hope to explore and travel and see new sights or old friends, make new friends, and always keep up with family. We have three daughters who we raised in Tsawwassen, and who are all now grown. Our eldest daughter lives in Toronto (too far away!), our middle daughter lives with her husband, son, and new baby girl in Vancouver, and our youngest lives in Vancouver as well. We love being parents and now grandparents, and our family enjoys all the time we can find to be together during weekends, birthdays, special holidays, and with other extended family. We are so grateful for God’s provision in our lives, including our beautiful family, and hope to continue to serve Him for many years!

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