President's Pen - Summer 2024

Seasons of Change

Every organization goes through major periods of change that drastically shape and direct their future. Northwest is no different, and our history suggests such changes happen about every decade (e.g., moving to the TWU Campus in the late 1980s, closing down the Bible college in 2000, starting Immerse in 2013).


Two major events have taken place in the last few months.


First, the ACTS board of directors and partners made the decision to close the ACTS society and to transition its programs and accreditation to Trinity Western University as TWU plans to open a new School of Theology. The transition will officially take effect on May 1, 2026.


Does this mean Northwest is closing? No. Northwest operates in two ways. First, we operate as an independent school with our own charter from the Province of British Columbia to grant theological degrees. We also have our own accreditation to offer programs at an undergraduate, graduate (e.g., Immerse), and post-graduate level (e.g., KDMin). Second, Northwest Seminary and College partners with Trinity Western Seminary, Canadian Baptist Seminary, and Mennonite Brethren Seminary to form ACTS (Associated Canadian Theological Schools), which offers traditional course-based degrees. While we will no longer operate in this second way after May 2026, Northwest will continue to offer competency-based theological education programs at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, and Korean language programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels. We also plan to stay in our present location as we are only two years into a twenty-five-year prepaid lease. For more information see:


The second major change is that Northwest is now very pleased to offer undergraduate training once again, along with our graduate degrees (e.g., Immerse). We believe it is essential to train young people from graduating high school all the way to serving as adults in the ministries God has called them to. After a one-year trial with a few students, we are now fully launched and ready to accept students this fall.


The new undergraduate program has the same training methodology as Immerse but is tailored for those who are just graduating high school or are young adults. For instance, someone just graduating high school will stay at their home church, receive three mentors to walk with them over the year, take online seminars, and serve within their church while growing in ministry skills, theology, and character. Upon completion, they not only come out with a powerful mentored experience and a year of growing in their faith, but they also receive a fully accredited Certificate of Christian Foundations, which can then move into Northwest’s diploma or full bachelor’s degree, if so desired.


Can you think of someone who is in high school right now who you think demonstrates a heart for Jesus and a desire to serve Him? Consider going to that person, sharing what you see in them, and then directing them to the Northwest Certificate in Christian Foundations webpage where they can learn more.


Northwest stands at a pivotal moment, embracing significant changes while steadfastly pursuing its mission. As we transition our partnership with ACTS and launch new undergraduate programs, we invite our community to join us in prayer and to consider giving financially to the school. Together, we can continue to inspire and equip the next generation of leaders to serve faithfully in their God-given callings.

Barton Priebe

Barton Priebe, DMin, brings his love of leadership, team building, and vision-casting to the Northwest team. His years of church ministry have instilled in him a deep passion to see the people of God fully equipped for service. His vision for Northwest is based in Matthew 9:38, that the Lord of the Harvest will rise up labourers through Northwest. He is passionate about preaching, apologetics, adoption, and his four wonderful children.

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