Student Reactivation or Readmission

Students who have stopped out of a program at Northwest and wish to return may reactivate their student program status if they meet the following criteria:

  • the student has been absent from Northwest for not more than one calendar year;
  • the student was not required to withdraw in their last term at Northwest;
  • the student registered for courses, began attending Northwest and, during the first term of attendance, withdrew in week three or later, and received a WD grade in each registered course;
  • the student’s financial account is not in arrears.

In these cases, a Reactivation is permitted. All other situations require Readmission.

NOTE: For students in graduate and post graduate programs, when you are not active within your program, the time away continues to count towards the program time limit and possible extension for program completion. Students who are reactivated or readmitted to their program maintain the same start date, time limit, and program requirements from when they were first admitted to the program.

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