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Northwest provides students with innovative, accessible, and affordable learning resources that help them become effective ministry leaders in their unique contexts. As we serve a wide variety of students in national and international locations, we are committed to discernment and creativity when we think about the best way to resource our students.
TWU Norma Marion Alloway Library

The library serves as a space to foster learning in community, providing guidance and access to information, and coaching with skills such as writing and research. The library underwent renovations from 2019-2021 resulting in a beautiful modern library that is constantly innovating to better serve a global community. The library has an extensive e-book library, as well as thousands of traditional hardcopies. The librarians are pleased to help students through the information fog, as well as offering help with inquiry and research.


Resources for Korean Studies

This page includes a number of  free and publicly accessible Korean-language research sources.


Library Research Guides

The TWU Alloway Library provides multiple supports for graduate studies research. These include systematic search design, literature review support, EndNote instruction and support, predatory OA publisher detection, and copyright support. They also have guides on research skills such as research design, search strategies, and writing.

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