The vision of pastors and churches who are members of the 17:6 Network is to see life changing churches multiplying throughout the world.


17:6 Network


The 17:6 Network is a collection of churches in Texas and California, largely consisting of churches planted by Hope Church (Fort Worth, TX) and Church in the Valley (Santa Clara, CA).

Northwest Seminary partners with the 17:6 Network to offer graduate level Immerse programs as part of 17:6's Antioch Project that emphasizes training future leadership for the network. Click here to learn more.

Programs Offered

Language and Region

Northwest partners with the 17:6 Network to serve English-speaking students affiliated with the 17:6 Network, primarily in Texas and California.

How To Apply


If you are connected with the 17:6 Network and are interested in Immerse, please visit the Antioch Project website for more information.


If you are interested in this program and are connected to a 17:6 Network church, please contact your closest 17:6 Network leader.

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